Top Cooking Tips From Our Chef (With an Exclusive Recipe)

This month at Galtres Lodge, we were delighted to catch up with our esteemed colleague and chef consultant, Stephanie Moon.

Stephanie has been an integral part of the team for a few years now and was only too happy to share some insights into life behind the scenes of a busy York chef.


Top Cooking Tips: The Importance of Sustainability and Being Eco-Friendly at Galtres Lodge

Stephanie said, “We take sustainability very seriously at Galtres Lodge and try to buy local wherever possible. We source produce directly from our fantastic local market where we can; our local butcher and fishmonger are superb, as is our local fruit and veg supplier.

“We use Induction technology to reduce gas emissions and keep electricity consumption as low as possible. We have regular changes in the menu to try and ensure we’re using seasonal produce that’s as fresh as possible.”

During the summer months, our tomato dishes, fresh salads and stunning seafood are popular choices amongst our customers at Forest

Stephanie explained, “We offer an impressive amount of seasonal food on the menu at present - from our Taste of Summer Roasted Tomato Soup to our N’eaton Tidy home-made Meringue, Strawberry Cream and Elderflower Jelly. The latter tends to be a popular pairing for summer - not just for Wimbledon!”


Top Cooking Tips: Summer Brunch at Forest

“Our breakfasts and brunch at Forest have a real following. The pancakes with blueberries, banana and maple syrup is a sweet treat for brunch, but the classic full Yorkshire breakfast has become our most popular go-to morning dish.

“During the summer, our classic main courses such as the Fish and Chips and our Trio of Yorkshire Puddings are a surprise hit, whereas our restaurant is always busy for Sunday lunch at Galtres Lodge.”


Top Cooking Tips: Stephanie’s Favourite Summer Pairings

“Our What The Duck! Star anise-infused slow-cooked duck confit, spring roll and mango dressing, duck in a lettuce wrap with Hoisin, cucumber, spring onion, coriander, and duck lollypop is fantastic summery food; the lettuce unexpectedly combines the flavours in a healthy twist.

“I also love our Whitby & Bridlington Crab Thermidor with a creamy brandy mustard sauce, paired with parmesan, green vegetables, and buttered new potatoes. It’s a great sustainable dish, using local seafood that many places do not offer. We try to keep it affordable, and it makes me proud that we can offer this dish at such a great price. It’s simple but lovely; in my book, it’s a winning summer combination. 

“Our lamb is served with vibrant green broccoli and lightly spiced pastilla. It’s perfect for summer; I call it ‘sunshine food’.

“Our Cross of York Seabass with King Prawns, Fresh Basil Ratatouille, Spinach and Sauce Vierge is also a wonderful summer dish. Fish pairs perfectly with many summery flavours, such as the Basil, Tomato and Peppers Ratatouille, whilst the spinach adds flavour and texture.”


Top Cooking Tips: Incorporating Fruit and Vegetables into a Day-to-Day Diet

Stephanie has kindly shared an easy recipe to try at home that will incorporate fresh vegetables: “Make a simple tomato sauce by frying off onions, garlic and chopped fresh tomatoes in a pan. Pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer. This base can be blended, then bagged and frozen for a healthy go-to sauce for a simple pan-fried meal.

“You can then fry off some mushrooms and red peppers and then add the tomato sauce and mix together with pasta, for a great-tasting dish packed full of vegetables and nutrients. 

“Another great tip is to add chopped roasted butternut squash or cauliflower into your children’s macaroni cheese; they will simply eat the lot and be none the wiser! 

“Finally, why not pimp up your lunchtime sandwich snack by adding crispy salad leaves, sliced tomatoes and even chargrilled courgettes or peppers? They taste amazing!”


Top Cooking Tips: Stephanie’s Three Kitchen Staples  

“I love the brand new Induction hob at Forest for its reduced electricity usage and its clean finish. I also enjoy using the Rational oven because our Yorkies [Yorkshire puddings] have never looked so good! 

“Finally, the plates we use at Forest are stunning; they really help to enhance the visual senses.”

If you’d like to book your table at Forest, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our team.

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