We’re Shortlisted for 4 Awards!

We’re Shortlisted for FOUR Awards!

Hi all,

Rebecca here, with a long overdue update from Galtres Towers!

A crazy amount of time has passed since my last blog post – it’s not even that I have been busy in the traditional sense that I have a lot of jobs to do, it’s just a constant feeling of having too much on, but never actually feeling like I’m getting anything done!  Anyway, it’s a quiet Sunday night and I have a moment, so here we go…

On a positive note (and please note that I’m writing this on the eve of the next government announcement!), we’ve fared pretty well since re-opening on 4th July.  August was brilliant, both financially, but also with amazing feedback about Forest (our restaurant).  September was also good, with lots of return guests and even more good feedback.  I’m sure to tempt fate now, but our top 10 reviews on Forest’s TripAdvisor page are 5/5 glowing reviews!

A couple of very exciting things that I’ve neglected to mention until now, are that WE’RE SHORTLISTED FOR FOUR AWARDS!

Three in the White Rose Awards;

  • Small Hotel Of The Year
  • New Tourism Business Award
  • Taste Of England – Casual Dining Award! 

And one in the Garbutt + Elliott Food + Drink Business Awards;

  • Young Business of the Year 

In all categories, we’re up against real life professional businesses who probably deserve to win much more than we do… but if there was a “heart of Yorkshire” award, or a “tries really hard” category, then we’d surely be in for the top spot! 

I can’t tell you how well all of our team have done through this very difficult time.  We really needed a good August after having been closed; it was exceptionally busy, and we had fewer staff working (partially for social distancing and “bubbles”, but also just because a couple of team members had left and I can’t in good faith replace them when I don’t know if there’ll be a long-term role for them with colleagues in other hotels/restaurants making huge amounts of redundancies).  Anyway, it was busy and a lot of pressure, and the team absolutely smashed it!  The food has never looked better from the kitchen, and the front of house staff are nailing the personal attentive service that we want to offer! 

Please do support us in any way you can.  If you can pop in that would be amazing, but if not, then a simple like on Instagram or Facebook would be a huge support... and wish us luck in the awards!!

Many thanks,

Rebecca X